Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer Gel + Free Mask


Sanit-Ag is the best quality Alcohol free hand sanitizer. This Hand hygiene moisturizing gel is for sanitize hands. It’s safe for skin and kids can use it. Sanit-Ag is Alcohol free and rinse free gel for sanitizing hand to protect again Corona and other bacteria. It’s a new era hand protection gel especially for kids and travelers. It has best fragrance and small size hand sanitizer without alcohol. Must try ones this travel size hand sanitizer gel and make your family member safe.

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Product Type: Hand Hygiene Moisturizing Gel

Quality: Rinse and Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer | A new era hand protection gel especially for kids and travelers

Brand: Sanit-Ag

Company: Remember India

Material: 20 ppm Colloidal Silver, Aloevera

Weight: 100 gm + Free Face Mask

Packing: Tube

Self Life: 24 months from manufacturing date

Delivery Period: 4 to 6 days

Return Policy: You can return it in a week

– Alcohol Free
– Rinse Free
– Safe for skin
– Best for students, travelers and others
– Best for marriage function and picnic

– Kids can keep it in school bag for sanitize hand
– Travelers can keep with them for sanitize hands
– Any person can keep it in pocket or bag or car

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Weight 200 g


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