Pure Cow Dung Dhoop Sticks for Pooja with Stand 100% Herbal


Surbhika pure cow dung dhoop sticks is the best quality Dhup batti for pooja. Buy this Dhoop sticks online on India’s best Swadeshi Products online selling site Swadeshi Mall at the best price. This Dhoop sticks is made from pure Googal, Kapoor, Gir cow Panchgavya and other natural herbs. 100% pure herbal dry dhoop sticks help to make home and office pure and bacteria free. Use this googal dhoop everyday to keep home and office free from negative energy.

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Product: Pure Cow Dung Dhoop Sticks

Product Type: 100% Herbal Googal Dhoop Sticks

About Product:

  • Made from Gir cow dung and googal
  • Long lasting best flavor scented Dhoop Bati
  • Pure herbal googal dhup sticks
  • Non charcoal Dhup Batti sticks along with Dhoop stick stand holder as gift so sticks can easily be hold
  • Surbhika is one of the best quality Agarbattis and Dhoop sticks manufacturers from Gir Cow Gaushala.

Brand: Surbhika

Manufacturer: Anand Ashram Gaushala

Country of Origin: India

Material/Key Ingredients:  Cow Dung, Pure Googal and other Herbal Contents

Weight: 70 gm

Packing: Attractive Box Pack

Included Components: Doop Stick Stand

Delivery Period: 4 to 6 Days

Return Policy: Can be returned during a week


  • Made from Gir Cow Panchgavya like Cow dung, Cow urine, Cow milk, Cow Ghee, Gomay, Gozaran
  • Made from Pure herbal contents like Googal, Camphor (Kapoor) and other natural herbs
  • Best Google fragrance
  • Made by Gir cow Gaushala

Benefits of Dhoop Sticks:

  • Google fragrance for keep home pure and bacteria free
  • Panchgavya and other herbs remove negative energy from home and office

How to Use Dhoop Sticks?
In morning and in the evening at the Pooja time light a stick in office and home to remove negative energy and make surrounding pure and bacteria free.


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