Organic Garam Masala – Tasty and Healthy


Pure organic moringa powder Garam Masala for use of Sabji, Daal, Pulav, Pau-bhaji, Biryani and other recipes. This organic Garam Masala makes dishes delicious. It is not strong like other ordinary Garam Masala. We use spices in small quantity to make it healthy Masala. It’s really Ayurvedic Garam Masala for boost health and make immunity strong. Use it everyday to improve family’s health.

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Product Type: Organic Garam Masala

Brand: Orgamrut

Quality: Pure Organic

Material: Organic Moringa Leaves Powder and other Herbs and Garam Masala (Spices)

Weight: 50 gm

Packaging: Pat Bottle with Sprinkler Cap

Delivery Period: 4 to 6 Days

Return Policy: You can return it after testing

– Made from pesticide free organic moringa powder and other herbs
– Not used any harmful Masala
– No added artificial color and flavor
– It can be used in vegetable (Shabji), Daal, Pulav, Biryani and other recipes
– It has good nutrition value

– Improve the taste of vegetable (Shabji), Daal and other recipes
– Add fragrance in Dal and Sabji
– It improves health

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Weight 500 g


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