Pure Organic Vermi Compost Fertilizer 500 gm


Pure organic vermi compost best fertilizer for organic farming. This best vermicompost is chemical free and made from cow dung and cow urine. Make your kitchen garden more resulted. You can also use this organic fertilizer to your farm.


Product: Organic Vermicompost

Product Type: Pure Organic Vermi Compost Fertilizer

About Product:

  • Made by cow dung, cow urine and vermicompose
  • Pure organic fertilizer
  • Not used any chemical in this fertilizer

Manufacturer: Patelbapa Gaushala

Country of Origin: India

Material:  Cow Dung, Cow Urine

Weight: 500 gm

Packing: Plastic Bag

Delivery Period: 5 to 7 Days

Return Policy: Can be returned during a week

Benefits of Vermicompost:

  • The growth of the flower plants in your pot are increased
  • Provides nutrition to the plants of the soil
  • It makes environment pure
  • There is no any types of chemical
  • The best for organic farming

How to Use This Vermi Compost?

  • Mix with the soil of pots for best result.


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