This is the best quality pure organic raw honey. The honey, made of natural way, is far more beneficial in a good environment than pollution. With this natural honey you will be able to get many health benefits. The things happening on the indigenous mall from other market items can be a bit expensive, but we say with the claim that its quality will never be of the lower class. We verify the quality of all things ourselves and later sell it to the people. Our team visits the site and checks for purity and hygiene and later places on the indigenous mall. Therefore, if we do not like doing all the things, then we guarantee to return. You would like the best quality organic honey.

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Product Type: Raw Honey

Quality: 100% Pure Organic Raw Honey

Brand: Orgamrut

Farm: RP Organic Honey Farm

Company: RP Organic Honey Farm

Quality: The best quality without added any artificial color, flavor or sugar

Flavor: Sessame

Weight: 500 gm

Packing: Food Grade Pat Bottle

Self Life: 2 Years

Delivery Period: 4 to 7 days

Return Policy: You can return it after testing during a week

– Pure natural honey
– Unprocessed real raw honey
– Not added any artificial materials
– Jain also can eat this original honey
– Direct from famous honey farm

Benefits: There are lots of benefits of natural honey

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Weight500 g


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