Original Mitticool clay cooker is Natural clay cooker means earthen cooker with lid. This best quality terracotta cooker is made by pure clay to cook food for better and natural taste for good health. This Mitti cool cooker is the best clay cookware. You can buy online this clay utensils for cooking with sell price. Order earthen cooker (mitti ke bartan for cooking) online to take benefit of discount and enjoy the tastier natural daily food.

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Product Type: Mitticool Clay Cooker Made of Clay
Brand: Mitticool
Manufacturer: Mitti Cool
Quality: Premium
Color: Reddish Brown
– Pure Natural Mitti Clay
– Stainless Steel
Capacity: 3 Litters
Delivery Period: 5 to 7 Days
Return Policy: You can return it during 1 week


  • Cooks everything which a regular cooker cooks
  • Preserves the natural taste of food
  • Very easy to use & wash
  • Variety of health benefits


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